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Business Plan Consulting

Your business plan is your detailed road map for your business... it has to work. What sets me apart from typical “business plan writers” is while we are writing the plan we are simultaneously developing your implementation plan. Here’s what I mean:

Business Plan Writer: Most writers simply dictate the plan and expect you to have the rest of the answers.  Most plan writers typically ask a series of basic and very generic questions and the interviewer will input what you tell them into a business plan software program they purchased from Office Depot, Staples or off the internet and hit print.  Then they hit print and mail a file back to you.  The reality is that you can type the same data into the same program and get the same answers! If your goal is to just have any plan at all we advise you to save your money and just buy a copy of Business Plan Pro for a couple of hundred dollars. Your plan will almost write itself and you won’t be any better off.

Strategic Business Plan Consultant: I am a Business Plan Consultant and a Business Coach with the experience and time in the trenches you need.  I make your business plan come alive and help you monetize the work you do.  I help you take your plan from the printed page to a 3-D action plan.  The reality is that knowing what to do is only the first step... The magic happens when you know what to do and exactly how to do it.  Having a workable plan to implement is the difference!  When was the last time you took the time to examine your business and look at it from the point of view of your target customer? We look at your business from both the 30,000 feet level and street level.  We question what you assume.  We fill the gaps in your business model.  We question what research you used and analyze the end results.  We update your business model.  We refine and define your strategy.  What do you want your business to look like when it is “Done”. Accurate and complete development of your Strategic Marketing Position (SMP) allows you to specifically identify and go after your most profitable target markets.  Knowing your Strategic Marketing Position allows you to scale your business for profit growth.  Anyone can create an increase in your top line sales… we focus on your bottom line profit.   You end up with a three dimensional business strategy that grows with you and your business.

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