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Who is Dr. Steven Clauson


Dear Steven,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support to grow to what it has become. Things are moving in a positive direction and you are the reason.

President – Blissful Blankets

Dear Steve:
I would like to tell you “THANKS” in a big way. The marketing strategies that I have developed through your program have allowed me to optimize and leverage my patient base.

Dusan Djukich, D.C.

A Few Words About me

My first years in business were terrifying. Will I make enough money to feed my children and will they take my house away were constant questions? When I tried to sell my services a new fear came in the way of “Am I charging too much?”, “Am I charging too little?”, “Do I have the proper credentials?”, “Am I being too pushy?”, “Am I bothering people?” and “Am I good enough?”

Nothing about this was fun. Then I got some help. It’s funny… I forgot getting help is powerful and not asking for help is weak. I learned those things from my friend Lee when I was recovering from my divorce. This was after I paid $87,000 in legal fees and writing a check for $851,000 to make the divorce final all so I could retain legal custody of my children. Trying to go it on my own isolated me and cut me off from the very person who helped me. I somehow woke up, reached out and found the power. If I hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't be alive today.

I repeated the mistake (of not getting help) when I started my coaching career. Fortunately, I woke up to that in time. Soon after I gained more professional power and prosperity than I ever dreamed possible. All from asking for help and following directions… We call that coaching. The person I asked for help was Mitch Carson. Mitch leveraged a relationship he had and introduced me to Martin Howey.

The help I got was a someone who taught me to serve.....all day, every day. He showed me how to forget selling. Drop it! Just serve with a fearless heart. Everything changed after that. My to-do lists changed from a list of "should do" to a list of "love to." Creativity and energy kicked in. I replaced days of isolation and alienation filled with failed sales calls and now spend my days creating relationships. I woke up to the awareness that coaching is a relationship business and not a sales business. For a while I believed I was unique in my fears. I was the only human afraid of other people and had little of value to share. I was the only human with money fear to this degree. I was the only human who couldn't sell.

But then I saw how widespread it was. Others had the same fears so I began coaching them on how to move out of harsh sales into relationship-building, how to move out of manipulation into compassion, how to move out of elevator speeches into creative listening, how to move out of self-promotion into service, how to move out of fear into love. There was another side… A better side. What about you?