There Is No Adversity Without A Solution… None!

Having worked at success for the past 35 years I’ve helped many people from many different walks of life embrace the idea of “massive imperfect action.” Some refer to this as fake it until you make it… I don’t agree. Even before I opened my initial chiropractic office I knew I wanted to be unique in my approach along with the level of success I enjoyed.
          Early on when I was seeing very few patients every week, I acted as if I was seeing many more. In my mind I figured out what it would take to move from treatment room to treatment room and take films, do a report of findings, adjust my patient and take chart notes while still doing the other things required to build a bigger practice. My goal was to deliver a certain dollar level in services annually with a 35% overhead and do it all without advertising. I accomplished this and never quit growing. I eventually exceeded 300 patient visits per week in 21 hours. Keep in mind this was accomplished without advertising and was 100% referral based.  In 1995 I injured myself in a permanent manner and sold my practice in 1996.
          Times were not always great. There were times when I focused 100% on the internal aspects of my practice while placing the external aspect on the back burner. There were also times I placed things on the back burner longer than I should have and I paid that price as well. That doesn’t happen any longer. When I see it happen with a marketing client or a coaching client we come to an agreement on either discipline or justice. Discipline are actions you take on yourself. Justice are those actions done to you from an external force. Justice is when you’re caught speeding and get a speeding ticket. Discipline is when you notice you’re speeding and slow down on your own. 
          When a marketing or coaching client leaves things on the back burner for too long a period of time for any reason or they’re looking for a period of extreme growth in their business I help them with a plan to REACT to the reality they created. This plan is not one size fits all. This plan has yet to fail myself or anyone else. I shared this plan with my personal coach to use on me. I learned about this plan in a book titled “Overcome” by Jason Redman. Lieutenant Redman is a retired Navy Seal with multiple awards who was severely injured in the line of duty. He and his family have seen a side of hell most of us cannot imagine. 
          The willingness to walk down difficult roads requires the willingness to think like an adult and in an intellectual manner. This is only for those who demand results and don’t have a pre-designed back door they can escape out of such. Back door escape hatches appear as a rich family or someone who has a pile of money and they are willing to spend what they need to live on. Creating, implementing and living a plan like this requires courage.
          What’s your current plan?  I’d be honored to talk with you. Pick a time at and let’s connect!      

Dr. Steven Clauson

Ps: If you don’t already know, I help business owners and entrepreneurs get where they want to be and have a life in the process. If you’re already taking action the next question is what’s next and what actions should you take to create an even greater impact. 

Pps: How can I help you?  Anyone who has a plan and implements that plan will lead the pack.  Planning, preparing to win and taking appropriate action means you hear the word “YES” more than ever. If you’re one of the few willing to take action, do what’s required and play full out are you’re likely to hear the word yes more often.  People hearing the word “YES” are winners on the playing field because they play full out and dominate.  For these people results matter. Tired of results less than you know you can produce?  Call me at 916-230-0176 or schedule time with me at 

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