Preparing For The Next Pandemic And The Elk Grove Food Bank

I’m reaching out to a few very specific people. I hope we can help each other and feed some people…

The pandemic has shattered a lot of lives personally, professionally and from a business standpoint.

I’m fortunate and was prepared… Not everyone else was.

Will you be better prepared for the next pandemic in whatever form it happens?

I am hosting a 90 minute workshop to address how to be better prepared on February 11 @ 11:00 am.

I am asking, not requiring a $20 donation to the Elk Grove Food Bank (click below to donate).

The donation is not a requirement. Some may not be able to afford it. I am not here to judge anyone!

This workshop be about how to get back onto stable ground and what to do right now to scale.

If you don’t feel like you will be able to at least 10X your $20 investment I will refund your money to you from my pocket.

The Food Bank will not suffer any Financial Risk. I like seeing hungry people eat, especially children.   

Below are links to register for the class, to donate to the Elk Grove Food Bank and a 6 minute video about what we’ll cover.




Dr. Steven Clauson


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